Natural Remedies for Regrowing Gums

The patient knows that his gums bleed when saliva stained in red color characteristic or by biting hard food (for example, apple) indicates blood traces. It is noted that a similar phenomenon may be associated with a particular disease or caused by a number of factors. More info here

There are a number of situations in which gums are recede:

  1. Wrong Selection Of Hygienic Products

Use a too inflexible toothbrush or application of excessive force during brushing, as well as improper flosses and toothpicks can cause the fact that sometimes disturbed gum will allocate blood. To prevent hurting the soft gum tissues, pick up a toothbrush of medium hardness, brush your teeth well and not hard and follow the instructions on applying the dental side.

  1. Lack of Vitamin C

When insufficient vitamin C intake into the body vessel walls loses their elasticity and flexibility and permeability. When turning a certain amount of pressure on the gum, which would be optimal under normal circumstances, easily damaged blood vessels and the blood are released. Patients confuse these events with gum disease.

  1. Infectious, And Diseases

Diseases such as diabetes, leukemia, various types of hepatitis and AIDS can be associated with receding gums.

In the case of hemophilia receding gums, it is not a characteristic symptom of the disease, but a signal for the need to seek medical advice immediately. In hemophilia, blood clotting factors are lacking so to a little bit of scratch is dragged, the physician needs to patient’s body platelet mass transfer rate.

  1. Hormonal Background

The hormonal glands stability of the body thyroid, pancreas, and liver Maybe violated if the patient is always under stress, taking hormonal drugs or neglecting daily routine and healthy diet.

To regrowing gums should lead a way of life in this order: as much as possible to eliminate stress factors, to eat well and sleep more at night.

  1. The Most Common Cause Of Receding Gums – Periodontitis

A symptom of facts always accompanies gingivitis and periodontitis. The treatment can appoint and occupy only a dentist.

  1. Receding Gums During Pregnancy.

At that time, when a woman expects a baby, her body is a lot of changes. Includes larger blood volume and the blood vessel walls weaken light. In addition, no one is safe for gingivitis during pregnancy. In both cases, there is the possibility of receding gums, but after birth, this symptom should disappear on their own. If this does not happen – consult a doctor. Check here

Gingivitis Increased The Risk Of Receding Gums

This disease has a separate and detailed discussion, as the guilty weakening is considered periodontal walls of barrels, which causes bleeding of teeth and gums to bleed solids. Gingivitis appears in a patient, often on an impaired immune system lack of vitamins, poor oral hygiene, poor quality fillings and dental prostheses and pregnancy.

If the symptoms have been observed in a certain area of ​​the jaw, the cause of gingivitis may be sharp edges or edge seal prosthetic crowns. When correcting defects located, gingivitis and bleeding are no longer observed at this point. But when gingivitis catches the entire group of teeth, jaw, or all detected in both jaws, the reason must be sought in the overall condition of the body or look at the quality of care.

Why Is Gingivitis Associated With Receding Gums?

The Following Symptoms Characterize The Disease:

  • The gum is swollen and sensitive to all sorts of incentives.
  • It seems blushing (redness), which sometimes goes to swallow.
  • Put on the teeth mineralized and non-mineralized dental deposits in large quantities.
  • Growing dental sticks
  • There is a bleeding of the gum while brushing.
  • It is an inflammatory process that occurs in the soft tissues of the gum, a cause of increased blood vessel permeability.

Plaque is a storage site of pathogenic bacteria that enter the gums and cause the appearance of edema and hyperemia. Blood delay at the site of inflammation disturbed outflow and increased the permeability of the vessel walls leads to the fact that during dental saliva stained blood and bleeding sometimes even opens at least touch with the gum (if the disease has passed in step heavy).

Treatment To Regrowing Gums

Full body examination – which the treatment of receding gums, must be preceded. This is due to the need to identify the underlying disease (if any). The fact that some of the common diseases can lead to receding gums and act on this symptom without the treatment of the main disease is wrong.

If the disease has been observed (this may be diabetes, vitamin deficiency, immune deficiency, cancer, etc.), the treatment will be performed periodontitis and other specialists of the related profile.

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Professional denture cleaning: Ultrasound – The most important dentist is fighting plaque and stone. Cleaning can be performed in a visit or multiple (for a particular segment processed at a time). Scalar literally “breaks” the plaque and stones, making it even clear gum space.

Anti-inflammatory therapy: The doctor prescribes antibiotics in the form of injections. Together with them, the patient must drink a course of vitamins and Nutrition. Regenerate skin application solutions (in the dentist’s office).

Good oral hygiene: The use of special gum regrowth products and sufficient mechanical cleaning of the teeth. They brush with a soft or medium stiffness for at least 3 minutes. The most popular gum regrowth product for today: Natures smile Gums Balm It contains extracts of herbs.

Traditional methods of treatment

“Herbal Mixture” is only good for the first symptoms of the disease and the correct application of certain medicinal plants. You cannot cure some traditional methods, for example, serious gingivitis severity. A day or two you will get help, and then the process will be in periodontitis. Therefore, be sure to consult the dentist, and natural remedies are just a temporary measure.

How to use? It is necessary to cook or to drink (at least half an hour), dry grass. Apply cool and the gums (15-20 min.). The application cannot be hot! You can rinse your mouth with a spice of herbs, but not too intense.

Also popular the population of hydrogen peroxide. This antiseptic reduces inflammation. It has excellent anti-inflammatory action. If you notice receding gums, and in the coming days to visit the dentist cannot, cut into small pieces and chew calm the root stick 3 times a day.

Propolis is also a good remedy to regrowing gums. Spread glue several times a day.

Prevention To Regrowing Gums

  • The best methods are the occurrence of bond good oral hygiene, diet complete and timely treatment of organs and systems diseases.
  • Among other things, it is desirable to give bad habits (such as smoking) that can cause, if not bleeding, the disease, a symptom of which it is.
  • Regular appointments to the dentist also play an important role in maintaining healthy gums.
  • Checkup of the oral cavity every 6 months regular adjustment of the prosthesis (dentures, bridges, and crowns) and treatment of oral cavity disorders at an early stage to prevent and regrowing gums.

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